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Kannankaya Products

Kannankaya Products

NumalsKannankaya Powder is rich in nutrition like calcium, proteins, iron, carbohydrates, etc.  It is an ideal food for making porridge (kurukku) for babies.  It is a healthy diet during the growing years.  Regular use of kannankaya powder helps to build a strong and healthy body.

NumalsKannankaya Powder is made from select kannankaya cultivated by the farmers in India in traditional methods.  The kannankaya is peeled and sliced in highly hygienic conditions, then dried and powdered using modern technology.  It is then sieved to remove the seeds to make it more suitable for babies.

NumalsKannankaya Powder can be used to prepare pudding, halwa, ice cream, etc.  You can mix NumalsKannankaya Powder with rice or wheat powder and make different kinds of delicious food.

  • Kannankaya Powder 400 g Pkt
  • Kannankaya Powder 400 g Jar
  • Kannankaya Powder 200 g Pkt
  • Kannankaya Powder 200 g Jar
  • Kannankaya Slice 150 g Pouch